Artificial Intelligence for alternative investments

Powering enhanced understanding and transparency.

Blue Lion Research is the leading provider of artificial intelligence analysis for alternative investments.

Hedge fund investors and managers have used Blue Lion Research’s award-winning AI technology to analyse over $1 trillion of assets under management, obtaining fast, new and powerful insights into funds, their strategies and the markets they operate in.

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Our AI analyses funds in ways either previously not possible or impractical, providing fast, unique and invaluable insight for both investors and investment managers.

Go beyond ratios

Artificial intelligence and natural language processing, combined with our extensive, curated data and comprehensive quantitative analytics enable Blue Lion Research to process and scrutinize a myriad of features affecting a fund, its strategy, its performance and its peers, providing a truly unique view into a fund.


Blue Lion Research delivers powerful AI-driven insight into key attributes of a fund and its strategy, helping to quickly recognize what differentiates it from others.

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Strategy stress

AI technology helps expose a fund's strategy like never before, providing fresh and measurable insights into the opportunities and challenges a fund might encounter.

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Investor appetite

Quantify the investor appetite a fund may generate and quickly understand which aspects are most likely to contribute to investor appeal.

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For Investors

Enriched research

Integrate data from a wide variety of sources including fund details, terms and historical performance, together with fund documentation, manager commentary, market and macroeconomic data as well as internal existing due diligence research to develop holistic analysis of funds and strategies.

Unique strategy insight

Quickly discover more about a fund’s strategy, style, opportunities and risks, its peers and competitors. Discover key features which help define and differentiate a fund – its essential DNA.

Screening, selection & profiling

Add a new dimension to manager screening and profiling by incorporating unique, measurable details of a fund, its strategy and markets. Take advantage of technology which helps identify important questions to discuss with managers.

Adaptive monitoring & alerts

Identify strategy stress and be alerted when markets are beginning to raise more challenges than opportunities for funds.

For Managers

Investor engagement

Whether as part of capital raising or regular communication, provide investors with unique and compelling data highlighting what differentiates the fund and facilitate engaging discussion on the strategies strengths and challenges.

Investor appetite

Determine investor appetite and estimate the likely size of allocations. Identify features of the fund and its strategy that are most likely to appeal to investors, highlighting and addressing concerns directly.

Great expectations

Understand what an investor might reasonably expect target return or volatility to be, based on the strategy and current markets. Help demonstrate where the fund provides value, and explain where it might fall short.

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